Release notes

Update from 1.0.1 to 1.0.2

With version 1.0.2, the legacy storage for queued tasks has changed and helper storages (e.g. for Worksheets) are no longer required. IQueued marker interface is no longer used neither. Most of the base code has been refactored keeping in mind the following objectives:

  • Less complexity: less code, better code
  • Less chance of transaction commit conflicts
  • Boost performance: better experience, with no delays

All these changes also makes the add-on easier to extend and maintain. The downside is that old legacy storage is no longer used and therefore, tasks that were queued before the upgrade will be discarded.

  • Be sure there are no remaining tasks in the queue before the upgrade
  • If you have your own add-on extending senaite.queue, please review the changes and check if some parts of your add-on require modifications

A queue server has been introduced. Therefore, two zeo clients are recommended: one that acts as the server and at least another one in charge of consuming tasks. Also, this version now depends on three additional packages: requests, senaite.jsonapi and cryptography. Please read the installation instructions and run buildout to download the dependencies.