This add-on enables asynchronous tasks for SENAITE LIMS, that allows to better handle concurrent actions and processes when the workload is high. Is specially indicated for high-demand instances and for when there are custom processes that take long to complete. Essentially, senaite.queue reduces the chance of transaction commits by handling tasks asynchronously, in an unattended and sequential manner.

Once installed, this add-on enables asynchronous processing of those tasks that usually have a heavier footprint regarding performance, and with highest chance of transaction conflicts:

  • Assignment of analyses to worksheets
  • Assignment of worksheet template to a worksheet
  • Creation of a worksheet by using a worksheet template
  • Workflow actions (submit, verify, etc.) for analyses assigned to worksheets
  • Recursive permissions assignment on client contacts creation

This add-on neither provides support for workflow transitions/actions at Sample level nor for Sample creation. However, this add-on can be extended easily to match additional requirements.

This documentation is divided in different parts. We recommend that you get started with Installation and then head over to the Quickstart. Please check out Tasks handling and Doctests for internals about senaite.queue.

Table of Contents: